15 year old school girl re-programs her mind…

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Yesterday I told you that “The Money In Your Mind” DVD and CD

home study course will be going up in price by 50-100% because it is being sold “way too cheap”.

I received over 200 testimonials when we surveyed customers about what they thought about the program.

And I want to share a small selection of them with you today…

Firstly this program flat out DELIVERS.

Check out what Kemal has to say about it…

“Very effective, simple and fun way to implement. I crushed my debt completely in 2 months (around 40,000 US Dollars).

This course will completely change the way you perceive being rich, money, spending, saving and the use of credit cards…It really is worth the investment”.

Kemal Islamoglu

Training Consultant

Istanbul, Turkey

Even people, like Matt, who have many other kinds of wealth programs already, are finding it tremendous value…

“I have to say that this is one of the most unique products of it’s kind , and I have been enjoying and receiving a great deal of value from it.

“Like most, I have other money-making courses, some better than others, but I really gleaned a lot of new insights and actionable strategies from this course.

Thank you.”

Matt B.


San Diego, California, USA


And complete self-confessed newbies like Holly too…

“I’ve been wanting to let you know how The Money In Your Mind program has opened my life and mind up to a whole new world of wealth possibilities!

Not only is Igor a great teacher, but the entire program is interactive, fun, and, well, quite frankly, IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!”

“Because of this exciting program, I’ve been able to create a long-lasting foundation for wealth-buiding that’s flexible, dynamic, and that I’m capable of following; and I’ve known next to nothing about how money works before.

“Because it’s geared for everyone, it means that there’s no limit to the creative adventure of the money that’s in your mind when you know how to find it. And it’s all right here as Igor shows you how!”

Holly Soutar,

Arts Entrepreneur,

San Jacinto, California USA


It can even re-program your children for wealth success in life like Adam’s 15 year old daughter…

“Thank you Igor. Once again you have over delivered with this life changing program . I say life changing as my 15yr old daughter has now developed a whole new attitude and belief in herself and her ability to have the future of her dreams.

She has already started saving and learning all she can about investing and how money works because she has come to understand the principles of having the money work for you which is a big reality shift for a teenage girl who before watching the DVDs only thought of money in terms of new clothes and make-up.

So on behalf of my daughter and myself thank you very much.”

Adam Snailham,


Brisbane, Australia

This is a PROVEN system and it will work for you if you give it a chance .

I strongly recommend that you get it now while it’s such a bargain because it IS going up very soon…


That’s all the hypnosis news for today,

Igor – Street Hypnosis

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