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Get out now, while you still can“, that was the cheerful greeting I
received from one of my apartment’s security guards when I arrived back
in Bangkok, Thailand two weeks ago.

If you haven’t heard, now a large portion of one of the largest world’s capital cities is
flooded for up to 4 to 6 weeks .

It sounds crazy even typing it.

I’ve been in Hong Kong on business for a week and hadn’t realised how
badly events have deteriorated back in Thailand.

The place now looks like a war zone.

There are sandbags piled up around buildings and shops

My apartment building is starting to build its own fortifications, which
is not surprising as it’s only 300 or so yards from the main river.

The river, they say, may burst its banks within 48 hours.

I’d stay and try and ride it out but if it is bad as they reckon then I
don’t fancy the idea of having the electricity cut for a month or more .

Nor does swimming to the shop for supplies sound that inviting.

So I’m packing up my whole kit and kaboodle and moving up in the world.


This means you’re likely to have a couple more days before I find time to
hike up the price of the “Igor Alexander Wealth Course” as promised.

But it also means I may not have time to give you a final reminder before
the price DOUBLES.

Anyway wish me luck, it’s me and my cardboard boxes against tropical Mother
Nature with a mean attitude!

That’s all the hypnosis news today,

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