Money Expanding Mind Exercises

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Now the DVDs contain 8 MEMEs (Money Expanding Mind Exercises) to automatically transform your wealth thinking and actions, starting at the subconscious level and carrying through into the your daily life.

These MEME Audio CDs begin to put you in a deep relaxation state and sets the pace for the inner change work that happens automatically.

Many people unknowingly turn wealth away often. In fact, because they don’t have inner permission to accept it! These audios changes that by creating the unconscious environment where it is perfectly OK to accept wealth, and this allows you to flourish like you never have before!

The CD #7 is the most practical of all the MEME CDs – and yet, it taps into the vast storehouse of your creative unconscious to ease things into getting done. The result is an abundance of wealth for you.

To review, MEMEs are powerful subconscious training sessions to help you internalize the principles and actions that will speed you along the way to great financial abundance.


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