The Life Changing “D-Factor”

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Arianna Strassinopoulous is a good example of the life-changing
D-Factor” in action.

Her story goes like this:

At age 13 in Greece she was leafing through a magazine and saw
pictures of Cambridge University.

She was so taken with the pictures she decided there and then she was
going to attend Cambridge University.

She made her decision at 13-years-of-age.

Everyone in her family (apart from her mother) told her it was

After all…

The family had no money.

They had no connections with Cambridge University.

Had never even been to England.

But decisions don’t know the definition of impossible.

Because a firm decision invokes the full power of your existence.

As such, at age 16, Arianna won a scholarship to attend Cambridge

At age 21 she became the only women in history to be president
of the prestigious Cambridge Union.

You may not know Arianna.

But you will undoubtedly have heard of what she has since set up.

See Arianna’s married name is Huffington – and in May 2005 she
launched the Internet media giant The Huffington Post.

It all started with a decision.

Life is like that.

It is shaped by our decisions.

That’s why I refer to decisions as the “D-Factor”.

Thing is most people have to force their decisions through –
by sheer force of will.

There’s an easier way though.

It is, of course, by clearing up all unconscious counter-beliefs
around a decision you make.

By clearing-up your counter-beliefs (the beliefs that say
it’s not possible) around a decision — your decision comes
into creation much easier than it would otherwise.

And better still:

By clearing-up unconscious counter-beliefs you’ll notice
circumstances will “find their way to you” in such a way that
achieving your decision (your goal) feels almost effortless.

So the recipe for success is simple:

Make a firm decision.

Then clear-up all unconscious counter-beliefs that lie in the
way of having your decision come into fruition.

So what are you deciding?

And what are you doing to clear-up your unconscious

And what are you doing to overcome the failure fear?

Those are two questions worth pondering and exploring the answer

After all, a clear decision (the “D-Factor”) will determine what
you get to experience in your life.

Igor – StreetHypnosis

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