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“A Fantastic New
Income Stream”

“I would very much recommend the Money in your mind course having completed it a few months ago. Having done the daily audios and watched the videos several times it has now brought me a fantastic new income stream.

“Usually over the Summer months we are very quiet and wonder where the money will come from over the 6 week holiday term. Since doing this course we have brought in an unexpected income source and earnt more money in the Summer than ever before and in a recession!”

“I strongly recommend this program for
anyone serious enough who wants to take
charge of their financial future.

“Thank you so much Igor.”

Karen Green,
Holistic Consultant,
Nottingham, UK

“Long-Lasting Foundation For Wealth-Building”

“I’ve been wanting to let you know how
The Money In Your Mind program has opened
my life and mind up to a whole new world
of wealth possibilities!
“Not only is Igor a great teacher, but the
entire program is interactive, fun, and,
well, quite frankly, IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!
“Because of this exciting program, I’ve been
able to create a long-lasting foundation for
wealth-buiding that’s flexible, dynamic, and
that I’m capable of following
; and I’ve
known next to nothing about how money works
“Because it’s geared for everyone, it means
that there’s no limit to the creative
adventure of the money that’s in your mind
when you know how to find it. And it’s all
right here as Igor shows you how!”

Holly Soutar,
Arts Entrepreneur,
San Jacinto, California USA

“New Insights And Actionable Strategies”

“I have to say that this is one of the
most unique products of it’s kind, and
I have been enjoying and receiving a
great deal of value from it.
“Like most, I have other money-making
courses, some better than others, but I
really gleaned a lot of new insights and
actionable strategies
from this course.
Thank you.”

Matt B.
San Diego, California, USA

“Over Delivered…Big Reality Shift”

“Thank you Igor. Once again you have over
delivered with this life changing program.

“I say life changing as my 15yr old daughter
has now developed a whole new attitude and
belief in herself and her ability to have
the future of her dreams.
“She has allready started saving and learning
all she can about investing and how money
works because she has come to understand
the principles of having the money work
for you which is a big reality shift for
a teenage girl
who before watching the
videos only thought of money in terms of
new clothes and make-up.
“So on behalf of my daughter and myself
thank you very much.”

Adam Snailham,
Brisbane, Australia

“I am A New Man”

“First I want to express my gratitude
to Igor for putting this program
together and pricing it so that folks
like me who are deep in debt could
afford to participate in this life-changing program.

“The effects on my life regarding, how I
spend money, my determination to crush my
debt, and generally to change my outlook
on life, are truly paradigm busting.

“I am a new man.”

Martin Carasco
Life Coach
Brampton, Canada

“Secret Behind-The-Scenes Information”

“The content is priceless. This is extremely insightful information. It’s as though I’m hearing secret behind-the-scenes information about how wealth really works.

“It’s like getting a channelled Charles Haanel, Wallace Wattles, and Napoleon Hill all in one but with Igor’s amazing, unique, calm, yet energetic delivery.

I’m doing the work and I’m seeing results, just taking it in at a pace where I can own it.”

Ken Laughlin
Self-Employed Media Studio
River Grove, IL

“First Class Program”

“A first class program that should be required
viewing for everybody 14 years old and older

“I will be using this course to educate my son as he grows, and with a view to eliminating mind viruses before they begin. Thanks!

Adam Adams,
Coquitlam, Canada

“Best Roadmap To Financial Success”

“I think Igor’s Money in Your Mind videos are the best roadmap to financial success that I have ever seen.”

Lee Horner,
Roebling, NJ USA

“A Real Eye Opener”

“The ‘Money In Your Mind’ program was a real eye opener. It’s the first program of it’s kind that I have encountered that really focuses on changing our internal beliefs and perspective toward money so that we can get out of our own way.

“Aside from that, the section where Igor
talks about how he structured and grew his
information business got me to re-evaluate
my own information business structure and
plan, so I got twice the benefit from this

Michael White,
Houston, TX, USA

“100s Of Times Better”

“Easy to use and powerful.100s of times
better than the competition”

Robert Jefford
Gillingham, UK

“Become Financially Independent”

“I really enjoyed The Money In Your
Mind videos. It was a real eye opener.

“Igor teaches the importance of a
wealthy mind set and knowing how to
exchange value to become financially
. Thank you!”

Minerva Collier
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Alamitos, CA, USA

“Completely Blown Away”

“I am completely blown away by everything Igor says in the videos. I have never thought about money the way he does.

“If everybody would apply his rules, there wouldn’t be any more people falling into the so called scam of debt. Thank you for opening my eyes. I hope you will open the eyes of many more.

Sembena Jeroe,
Day Care Employee,
Nijmegan, Netherlands

“Best Financial Decisions”

“Investing in this course is one of my best financial decisions to date and thank you so much Igor!

Steve Riley,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Best Investment I Ever Made In Myself”

“Money in Your Mind is the perfect course for anyone who needs to get their financial “act” sorted out once and for all.

“It contains everything you need to know in order to “debug” your mental software and create and maintain real and sustainable wealth.

“Without doubt, it’s the best investment I ever made in myself.”

Neil McDonald
Bangkok Thailand

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