[Video] The Money In Your Mind Explained

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This video is a step by step walk-through of Igor Ledochowski’s Money In Your Mind training program.


This course will teach you the basic of wealth creation.
There are also some tools you can use to reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS mind in order to keep wealthy habits.


People think they have to take money to get rich. Get money, ask for money. You do not.
You exchange value and in doing so, we both become wealthier because we both have something we value more.


If you share value, exchange value, it escalates, it grows.
Money is only a symbol of value.
To the extent that you look at it in those ways and you use it to exchange with genuine value, everybody wins and everyone’s value starts growing.


This is one of the SECRETS that the rich know.
They’re exchanging value for value so it continues to grow over time. Spending money is not the problem.
Its spending money on things that get consumed is the problem.
There’s no more exchange. The exchange stops.
The value stops growing and usually gets destroyed.
This is the secret to creating wealth.
It’s the secret that makes our societies work. It’s an exchange of value.


Who is Igor Ledochowski?

Igor is a world renowned professional hypnotist and self-made millionaire.
He is a Certified Success Life Coach and Trainer, so he is also great at teaching how to have a wealthy mindset
like what famous coaches such as Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, and others do.

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